Mishimono is a boutique atelier, that seamlessly blends the realms of fashion and lifestyle.
In 2020, Shimrit (Shimi) Ben-Jacob, an alumnus of Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, established Mishimono and made her dream come true.
With her textile expertise, Shimi embarked on this journey to weave a tapestry of innovation and nostalgia, where each creation is not merely an item but a testament to an eternal idea.

As the heartbeat of Mishimono, Shimi draws inspiration from the rich heritage of textile design and the timeless elegance of the kimono. The very name of our label, a poetic fusion of Shimi’s nickname and the iconic kimono, reflects our unwavering commitment to crafting pieces that transcend the ordinary.

In our intimate boutique, we specialize in the alchemy of textile and fashion design, all in order to empower every woman who chooses to wear our clothes. 
Mishimono is not just a label; it is a poem to femininity, an exploration of style that transcends seasons and trends. Join us on this journey where passion meets craftsmanship, and every piece is a one-of-kind experience.

Welcome to Mishimono, where dreams come true.

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